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MLM Career Plan – FAQ

What is MLM?
MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is a sales strategy of goods and services, which we chose for Prouvé products. It means that you won’t find our products in shops, shopping malls or on-line shops. They may be only purchased from Prouvé Partners. Prouvé Partners may build Structures composed of product users and/or product vendors and obtain additional rebates or remuneration.

What does direct selling mean?
Direct selling is based on product and service distribution that omits traditional marketing channels and where vendors reach prospective clients directly at their home, workplace or holiday destination.

What is Career Plan?
Career Plan is a document which describes financial prospects of your cooperation with Prouvé and precisely lays down rules according to which Rebates and Remuneration are calculated. The document will help you plan your cooperation with Prouvé at each stage: it will show you how to save money when buying Prouvé products or how to earn by selling and recommending them.
All Prouvé Partner may buy catalogue products with a 25% discount on the catalogue price. The discount applies to all products save for accessories (pumps, atomizers and filp-tops). It means that with every purchase you save 25% on their value!

Am I obliged to make a purchase every month?
No, there is no such obligation. If one month you do not make a purchase, you won’t qualify for a Rebate or Remuneration. Remember that if you want to obtain a Rebate or Remuneration for a specific month you have to order Prouvé products for at least 50 pts.

Do I need to make a single purchase?
No. The points scored in a month accumulate.

Do all products have point value?
No, not all. Marketing, printing, and training materials, accessories and samples have no point value, so you won’t score any points for their purchase.

How can I know which products have point value and which don’t?
When placing an order at our on-line shop you will always see the point value of each product next to its current price.

How are the points converted into Rebates or Remuneration?
All points are converted into Rebates or Remuneration according to the rules laid down in Carrier Plan.

Can I sell products in shops, on a market or on-line?
No, it is contrary to our Terms and Conditions of Cooperation, the MLM idea and direct selling.

How can I work with Prouvé?
You can work with Prouvé by becoming a Recipient Partner (you buy products for yourself, your family and friends but you do not build a structure). If you would like to buy our products, build your structure and sell our products but you do not have your own business, we recommend you to work with us as a Customer Assistant. However, if you’d rather work with on a business basis, build your structure and sell products, then we suggest you to work with us as an Entrepreneur.

Who is eligible for Remuneration?
In the course of cooperation with Prouvé, Remuneration may be only awarded to Entrepreneur Partners.

Who is eligible for Rebate?
In the course of cooperation with Prouvé, Rebates may be only awarded to Recipient Partners and Customer Assistants.

Can I pay for the entire order with a Rebate I received?
No. The rebate can account for up to 90% of a single order.

What is the validity period of a Rebate?
You may use a rebate until the end of January of the year following the calendar year in which the rebate was granted. So if you obtained a Rebate for November 2017, you can use it until the end of January 2018.

Can Rebates from different months sum up?
Yes. Rebates may sum up. But please remember that you may use a rebate until the end of January of the year following the calendar year in which the rebate was granted.



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