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Molecule Perfum

Molecule Perfum

Molecule Perfum

is unlike anything you will ever wear. It is one of the most mysteriously alluring scents wrapped in simplicity. Because Molecule Parfum is an aroma chemical rather than a perfume, it behaves differently. You have to wear it to understand.
It’s fusion of traditional French fragrance oils – like juniper or blackcurrant - and molecule scents of white flowers, trees and many more ingredients, all created in French laboratories .

In Prouvé molecular set You can blend 6 perfumes with each other to create hundreds of unique fragrances or use only one composition, like for ex.


Molecule Perfum:

Perfume molecular Prouvé are fragrances that have no equivalent in nature. This is an interpretation of impressions. These sensations, thanks to advanced technology, have been placed in fragrant particles.These fragrances enhance the scent of the skin.

Perfumbers compare them to pheromones.


The heart of the composition is a single strong leading note, for which the molecule is the background. The molecule creates a fragrant aura. As a result, perfumes can be used individually or combined with each other.

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