#42 /Black pepper patchouli wood notes

#42 /Black pepper patchouli wood notes

green apple – cinnamon – olive tree oliwne

Volume: 50 ml
Fragrancy concentration: 20%



What will attract you to it: an unprecedented character. It is a combination of fresh and slightly spicy aroma of black pepper with refreshing citrus and warm scent of wood notes, bringing a bit of exoticism. This bold composition fascinates and provides an extraordinary sensual experience.

Family: oriental-wood

Perception: aromatic, energizing

Projection: strong

Category: adventure

What proves it’s the perfect choice: a certificate of authenticity

Fragrance architecture:

Head note: black pepper, citrus notes

Heart note: lavender, geranium, elemi

Depth note: patchouli, vetiver, wood notes




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