Colour gel

Colour gel



Why you’ll like it: you can be sure the colours of your garments remain bright and vibrant and that you’ll look great.







Colour gel Prouve
What you’ll love about it: the concentrated gel formula, which makes it efficient and compact. It doesn’t take much space on the shelf and goes a long way!

What assures additional safety: dye transfer inhibitor.

What our secret is: thanks to the active enzyme formula, the gel works perfectly even in low temperatures (from 20°C up). And as you know, washing clothes in colder water is better both for your garments, and your budget.


Colour gel Prouve

The art of matching colours can be tough, especially when after several washes
your raspberry sweater grows paler and paler, and your orange trousers lost their
vivid hue. To make your clothes look impressive at all times, we designed
which protects colours from washing out. It prevents dyes from being transferred
from one cloth to another, so it protects colours even better. From now on we
will take care of the colours of your clothes, so all you need to worry about is
pulling off the right colourful look.
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