Cream with a practical flip top cap

Cream with a practical flip top cap

Home universal

Capacity: 500 ml

What you’ll love about it: its velvety texture, just like in delicate beauty products, and its speedy and efficient application. It contains light olive oil which lends a beautiful glossy finish to the cleaned surfaces.




What our secret is: the delicate formula which cleans the surface without damaging it.

What you can clean with it: sanitary fixtures (sinks, washbasins, bathtubs), kitchen appliances, nickel plated, ceramic, and enamelled surfaces, plastic garden furniture, wall tiles.

It removes easily: water and soap residue, limescale, rusty stains, burns and greasy residues.

Recommended replaceable accessories: practical flip top cap


What this lovely scent is: citrus fruit, black olives, lilac, pear blossom and sandalwood.

Tested agent. We recommend it to everyone who loves a fragrant and clean home.

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