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Capacity: 500 ml

Why you’ll like it: even on a sunny day you won’t see a single smudge on your windows.



What youll love about it: we love versatile products that have a broad range of functions. So our spray does not only cleans glass perfectly, but it also prevents windows and mirrors from fogging up. We combined these two functions in one practical product, with your comfort, safety and budget in mind.

What our secret is: the cleaning spray creates a protective film on the glass surface, preventing dirt from building up again so now you can wash your windows even an hour before a storm. Particles of dirt will simply trickle down the protected surface.

What you can use it for: window panes and frames, car windows, glass panes in shower cabins, shelters, mirrors, crystals, glass lampshades. Coloured, tinted or stained glass. We also recommend it as a cleaner for plastic and plexiglass panes.

What we also took care of: we’ve made sure it doesn’t contain a single drop of ammonia.

Recommended replaceable accessories: double duty nozzle

What this lovely scent is: juicy citrus fruit, fresh mint and fresh marine notes.

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