Long-lasting eye stylist pencil

Long-lasting eye stylist pencil

eye stylist pencil


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Long-lasting eye stylist pencil

They say one look can express more than a thousand words. That is why it is worth making sure your gaze has the right make-up. You do not need much – you just need a little mascara and an eye pencil that will do the job of the best stylist. Your gaze will gain freshness and clarity, and the ease of application and resulting flawless makeup, lasting up to 12 hours, will make you never want to trade our eye pencil for any other! LONG-LASTING EYE STYLIST PENCIL it’s an extremely soft and gentle, automatic eyeliner, that doeas a great job accentuating your gaze. Thanks to the light, hypoallergenic formula, which has been ophthalmologically tested, the eye pencil is also recommended for individuals with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses.

What you will love it for: for retaining color and looking fresh throughout the entire day – thanks to high pigment saturation and intensely covering formula.

What will delight you about it: the creamy, velvety texture of the eye pencil makes it is easy to apply – even for beginners. It will allow you to quickly draw a precise smooth line at the top, as well as the lower eyelash line.

How to use it: You can use the LONG-LASTING EYE STYLIST PENCIL to obtain a differential result: from a gentle accentuation, through a more expressive look, to the evening smoky eye version. To keep the tip of the pencil optimally sharp, use the built-in pencil sharpener, and to obtain the smoky eye look, use a blending sponge.

What else should you know about it: The unscented and hypoallergenic formula can be used by individuals with sensitive, easily irritated eyes.

TIPS: When using the eye pencil, remember to follow a few rules:

  • if you have closely set eyes, start drawing the line from the middle of the eyelid and continue towards the outer corner of your eye.
  • if you have drooping eyelids, point the line slightly upwards.
  • to give round eyes an almond shape, draw the line slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye.
  • to make your eyes look bigger, draw lines on the upper eyelids.
  • lines along the lower eyelash line will work well with large eyes.
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