Mascara lengthening and strengthening

Mascara lengthening and strengthening

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Minimalism in makeup is a reflection of your innate self-confidence. However, it’s worth becoming friends with cosmetics that have a rich composition. Choose those that will not only beautify, but also intensively strengthen, regenerate and provide active ingredients, which will make even a minimalist make-up look spectacular. One of the products that will become a permanent addition to your make-up kit is the LENGTHENING AND STRENGTHENING MASCARA. It will perfectly accentuate your eyes, resulting in extremely elongated and thickened eyelashes. But that is not all! Our mascara will also care for your lashes from the inside out, actively impacting them throughout the entire day. It is a mascara and eyelash conditioner in one.

What you will love it for: for the visible improvement in the condition of your eyelashes: reduced fragility and increased durability. Your eyelashes will become thicker and stronger.

What will delight you about it: the light, creamy texture with a shiny deep black finish and a magnificently well-fitting, precise, silicone brush that perfectly detangles the eyelashes, carefully wrapping them with the substance. Thanks to this, applying the product even to the tiniest hairs will not be a problem, and yours lashes will be extremely lengthened, flirtatiously accentuated and they will gain extraordinary volume.

What will provide you additional safety: a hypoallergenic, mild formula also recommended for ladies with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. We also made sure the product was ophthalmologically tested.

Our secret: An extremely rich formula containing: mastic gum oil, from the evergreen tree of Pistacia lentiscus, which has an extending effect on the lashes; a natural, versatile, active ingredient KERANUTRI™, which increases the diameter, elasticity and durability of eyelashes, reduces their fragility and also smoothes. The strengthening argan oil, also referred to as “liquid gold”, which restores both damaged and healthy eyelashes.

What will make you not want to trade it for any other:  the convenience and comfort of both application, and make-up removal. The Lengthening and strengthening mascara does not clump and is not heavy on your eyelashes, and thanks to waxes that are resistant to high temperatures – it does not smudge or flake. It does not leave marks on your eyelids and cheeks, leaving the eyelashes soft and resilient. It ensures a long-lasting effect and impeccable makeup for many hours.

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