Mineral loose powder and foundation ILLUMINATED SKIN colour 1

Mineral loose powder and foundation ILLUMINATED SKIN colour 1


Dedicated for individuals with a dull and tired complexion, in need of slight illumination, dedicated for people with a light complexion.

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A formula developed for all skin types in need of illumination and glow. Recommended especially for tired, dull skin with fine wrinkles. Provides the effect of a radiant, glowing complexion, while the addition of pink clay strengthens and smoothes the skin of the face. Also suitable for individuals with skin that is sensitive and prone to allergies. The applied mineral filters protect the skin from exposure to the sun.

What you will love it for: for the long-lasting, fresh and radiant look of your complexion. It will make you feel and look younger in just a few moments!

What will delight you about it: it visually smoothes the complexion and reduces fine wrinkles and imperfections, providing a silky finish with a subtle glow.

What is our secret: pink clay combines the smoothing and astringent properties of white clay with the absorption and strengthening properties characteristic of red clay. The combination of these two clays with light reflecting particles gives the skin a beautiful, polished look.

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