Molecule parfum Sample

Molecule parfum Sample

Volume:  1.4 ml
Fragrancy concentration:  20%

Molecule Parfum



How to choose perfumes: Open sample and apply a little perfum to the skin or test strip. Let yourself develop your fullness, give yourself time by experiencing all the richness of ingrediens.

Molecule parfum 01m:

juniper, naval green

Molecule parfum 02m:

pink pepper, subtle white

Molecule parfum 03m:

blackcurrant, bitter pink

Molecule parfum 04m:

lime, forest serenity

Molecule parfum 05m:

nargamotha, pure rosy

Molecule parfum 06m:

patchouly, essential brown


Molecule parfum Set samples of molecular perfumes:

In an elegant cardboard box you’ll find 6 samples of PROUVÉ molecular fragrances:

m01 sample – 1 pc
m02 sample – 1 pc
m03 sample – 1 pc
m04 sample – 1 pc
m05 sample – 1 pc
m06 sample – 1 pc

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Additional information

Molecule sample variant to choose from

01m, 02m, 03m, 04m, 05m, 06m

Molecule sample


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