Stain buster with a practical flip top cap

Stain buster with a practical flip top cap


Capacity: 500 ml

Why you’ll love it: it’s tough on the stains, but delicate on the fabric. 10 minutes is all it takes to clean your clothes and give them back their pride of place in your closet.





Stain buster

Coffee stains on your favourite trousers? Foundation smudges on a new blouse? Does it mean you need to let your garments go? No! You don’t need to ban any clothes from your wardrobe ever again! Get rid of the stains, not the garments. The secret of our stain remover gel? The oxystem formula based on active oxygen and enzymes. It works perfectly even in low temperatures (even 20°C) so you can use it for delicate fabrics as well. The thick gel is easy to spread on the fabric and it penetrates the stain, targeting just the right spot. It’s extremely efficient.

What you’ll love about Stain buster : it is delicate for the colours. Even after several uses they will keep their natural hue.

Stains you’ll remove with it: the enzymes instantly remove even stubborn wine, grass, blood, fruit and vegetable stains as well as greasy stains (sauces, butter, oils).

What you can use it for: all types of fabric, even the most delicate ones, whites and colours.


See how simple it is: you can apply the gel directly to the stain (just the stained spot) or add it to the laundry.

Before washing: apply the gel directly to the stain and rub gently. Let sit for no longer than 10 minutes. Do not allow the gel to dry on the fabric. Wash the clothes as you normally do, in a machine or by hand.

Machine wash (4.5 kg load):

Regular stains: add 50 ml of gel.

If the stains are dry or hard to remove: add 100 ml.

Soak: add 50 ml of gel to 5 litres of warm water and mix it together. Soak the fabrics for no longer than 30 minutes.

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