Stain buster

Stain buster


Capacity: 500 ml

Why you’ll love it: it’s tough on the stains, but delicate on the fabric. 10 minutes is all it takes to clean your clothes and give them back their pride of place in your closet.





Stain buster

What you’ll love about it: it is delicate for the colours. Even after several uses they will keep their natural hue.

Stains you’ll remove with Stain buster: the enzymes instantly remove even stubborn wine, grass, blood, fruit and vegetable stains as well as greasy stains (sauces, butter, oils).


Why it is unscented: the gel is unscented so you can use it for children’s clothing, too. If you want your laundry to smell beautiful, add our Perfumed laundry conditioner or Fabric softener.

Recommended replaceable accessories: practical flip top cap

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