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Set samples of molecular perfumes

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samples of molecular perfumes

Available now

A 6 set samples of molecular perfumes.

6 samples of molecular perfumes enclosed in an elegant cardboard box.

An excellent way to get to know the offer of new products and to test all the fragrances from the collection.

It is useful during a presentation and also goes well as a gift starting new cooperation.

samples of molecular perfumes

In an elegant cardboard box you'll find 6 samples of PROUVÉ molecular fragrances:

m01 sample - 1 pc
m02 sample - 1 pc
m03 sample - 1 pc
m04 sample - 1 pc
m05 sample - 1 pc
m06 sample - 1 pc

Fragrancy concentration: 20%

Molecule Parfum


Parfum Prouvé:

In collaboration with the best masters of the perfume making art we have created compositions based on French fragrance oils, in keeping with traditional processes of refining perfume: maceration (extraction), fractional freezing and filtering. This is why Prouvé perfume has exquisite power, clarity and unique richness of scent.

How do perfumes smell perfect?

For each of us differently. Everyone who chooses perfumes wants to smell unique. The perfumers who cooperated with Prouvé stood before this challenge. That's how molecular perfumes came into being. Perfumes with a distinct smell.

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